Friday, January 16, 2015

Winterfest Court

Tonight the girls and I got the awesome opportunity to see their role model and our neighbor, Olivia, on the high school Winterfest Court (kind of like a winter homecoming court).  We went across the street to her house before they left to see her all dressed up and when I saw her I was seriously in awe!  She was so beautiful and classy! Hard to believe she is only a junior in high school.  She's beautiful inside and out!!!   

We ate dinner at home really quickly and then mad our way to the high school.  The Winterfest Court was announced between the girls and guys basketball games so we got to see part of the basketball game and the cheerleaders, which they loved.

As they announced each couple on the court we cheered and the girls loved seeing everyone all dressed up.  Olivia looked amazing!!!  The girls kept waving to her and she was so sweet to wave back.

After the senior king and queen were announced the girls were so excited to see her and get another picture.  On the way home they were both asking tons of questions about how you get to be the one to get dressed up on the court and how the voting goes.  Harper said she couldn't believe everyone's dresses were so sparkly!

I couldn't have asked for a better role model for my girls.  She is responsible, smart, respectable and the exact type of young lady I hope my girl grow up to be!!!  

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