Monday, January 26, 2015

Monster Jam

On Saturday we had big plans to have lots of fun.  We had tickets to attend the Monster Truck show and the kids were so exited, especially Hudson!  After lunchtime we made our way downtown to tailgate with Kathy and Corey's friends before Monster Jam.  

We spent the afternoon getting to know some of their friends, feasting on lots of yummy food and drinks and trying to keep warm.  For FL weather, it was super cold and windy!  The kids were able to run around have lots of fun, so they were warm as could be.

When we got inside for the show, it was unlike anything I'd ever seen!!!  These trucks were so huge and so loud. 

It made me very happy that I had gotten these headphone things to protect our ears! 

When the show started Hudson was in awe and loved every second. 

 The kids all shared a cotton candy half-way through the show and it was a fun treat for all of them.

The giant trucks raced, drove over crushed cars, catapulted into the air and landed with big crashes.  Hudson declared it the best night ever!  It was every little boys dream and surprisingly, the girls and I enjoyed it a lot more than we though we would, too!

 It was a late night on Saturday and everyone crashed as soon as we got back to their house.  We made our way back home on Sunday morning, eager to get back and see our pup.  He was so happy to see us when we got home and the feeling was mutual.  We had a great time, but missed him and were happy to be reunited!

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Julie, the mama said...

You better be glad I didn't know you were that close to me or you would have had another family to visit!

Looks like a great trip! :-)