Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside

Not only have we had to adjust to getting back into our wake up early routine, we've also had to face frigid temperatures.  It was SO cold this morning at the bus stop, but thankfully the girls were still smiling.

Right now it is 18 degrees, but it feels like 3.  Yes, you read that right, 3 degrees!!!  Tomorrow morning will be miserable, so Robby is going to take them to school in the morning.  There is no way I'm letting them stand out in temperatures like that.  If it's going to be this cold I just wish it would go ahead and snow!

Hudson seemed to be fine this morning taking it easy and getting over his tummy issues.  Then all of the sudden he started complaining of his ear hurting.  Then he told me it was hurt from being outside in the sun.  He kept saying the sun made his ear hurt???  He's never said anything like that before and we had not been out in the sun so I took it to mean that it was a burning or hot feeling in his ear.  I called our pediatrician's office and got him in 30 minutes later.  She said his eardrum was bulging and he definitely had a bad ear infection.  He was so sweet and good while we were there, but he went downhill fast from there and was pitiful.  Thankfully the Tylenol and numbing ear drops are helping him feel better until the antibiotics kick in and he was quickly back to his playful self this evening!

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