Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ending with a Bang!

Yesterday was a big day.  I had to drop off Walker for his big-boy surgery, I was the mystery reader for Handley's class, Hudson went back to school after 3 weeks off and the girls both brought home excellent report cards!  Talk about ending the week with a bang!

Hudson was excited to be back, but he wanted to be sure I'd be back to pick him up, though.  He made me "piggy promise" to be there after lunch.  It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about, but then it clicked and I just loved it so much.  I will forever call pinky promises piggy promises from now on.

When we picked up Walker he was very excited to see us, but he was also very unhappy about the cone on his head.  The vet gave us specific directions of how to help him stay comfortable the next few days and most importantly we're supposed to help me stay calm.  He spent the evening whining a bit and trying to figure out how to move around with this giant thing on his head.  That quickly passed though and he was back to trying to jump on the couch, play tug-of-war, and chase the kids around.  He did great all night and today has seemed totally fine (besides the cone head) so I'm hoping his recovery will be smooth sailing.  Today he seemed totally fine and despite our attempts to keep him calm, he still had fun running around with the kids and playing outside.

He has to wear his e-collar (cone) for 10 days so the countdown is down, nine to go!  I have to share the funniest story.  When they brought him out to us he was already wearing the cone and Hudson asked why he was wearing a helmet and kept telling Walker that he liked it!  Then as we were leaving Walker was skittish as ever and anytime he saw someone he would start pulling on the leash and darting as fast as he could.  Hudson kept saying, "He's trying to show them his cool helmet!"  Ha!!! I just thought that was the cutest thing.

Tonight the kids decided they wanted to have a camp out in the playroom.  Robby set up his old tent for them and about an hour in I was regretting having them in there.  The girls, of course, were doing just as they were told and trying to go to sleep, but Hudson was up constantly for one reason or another.  It's finally quiet in there though, so I'm hoping they all make it through the night.

And one more quick thing to share.  Handley has recently become obsessed with Taylor Swift. She has always liked her, but she got the newest CD for Christmas and has been listening to it nonstop.  I mean all day, every chance she gets.  She'll stand in front of the mirror and sing or dance around during the songs.  It's really cute.  She also has a book about her she reads and tonight when I was in her room I saw little signs she had made all over her room.

Personally, I love Taylor Swift and I recently watched a video on her Facebook page about the way she surprised her fans over the holidays with hand picked gifts and surprises.  It was the sweetest thing and this girl is real and genuine.  I just love that her fame hasn't changed the kind of person that she is and if Handley is going to be idolizing some sort of superstar, I can't think of anyone else I would want her looking up to!

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