Monday, January 19, 2015

3 Day Weekend

We had such a great long weekend.  There is just something about having an extra day that makes the weekend that much better.  And if that wasn't enough, we had sunshine all three days!!!  It doesn't get much better.  I hardly took any pictures, but it was full of fun.

Saturday morning we ran errands and then the girls had a birthday party at the movies!  Such a fun idea.  They saw the new Paddington movie and said it was really cute.  While they were at the party, Robby and Hudson took off to the boat show.  That night we relaxed and ordered pizza.  I used to love being on the go all of the time, but I'm becoming more and more of a homebody these days and it is so nice to just be able to relax and hang out as a family here at home.

Sunday morning was church and then chores around the house before heading to dinner club at Trey and Stefanie's house!  It's always fun to catch up with all of our friends and the kids love getting to play, too.

Today the kids were off school for MLK Day.  We took Walker to his vet apt. to check his stitches and get the all clear from his surgery last week. He is so happy to be free from that darn cone!  I actually ended up taking it off of him on Saturday night because we were close to the 10 days and it looked like it had healed pretty well from what I could see.  He doesn't look very happy in this picture be cause he was worn out from an extra long walk we'd just taken.

Next we had a playdate here with Jake and Reece and spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside.  Having these three nice days in a row meant Harper got lots of practice in on her bike and she finally has mastered riding with no training wheels with no help!!!  She's so excited and proud of herself and we are proud of her, too!!!

Not to be outdone, Handley wanted a picture of her riding her new big bike she got for Christmas. I was afraid she might have a hard time transitioning to a bike that had gears and handlebar breaks, but that girl can ride it like a pro. :-)

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