Friday, December 12, 2014

Gingerbread Houses 2014

It is sort of becoming a tradition for the kids to make gingerbread houses each year with Gigi.  Last night she came over to babysit so I could go to a work dinner with Robby.  She took the opportunity to be here with them at Christmas time and ran with it!  Upon arrival she had the kids help unload a gingerbread house for each of them, platters to display them on and enough candy and icing to decorate about 20 houses!!! They were so excited and couldn't wait for me to leave so they could get started!

When I got home later on I was super impressed with how well they decorated them.  I was actually a bit shocked at how well thought out they were with their designs.  Gigi took lots of pictures so we could see all the fun they had.

This morning when I woke them for school, they were each so proud to show us what they had made and tell us all about it.

Harper's house

Hudson's house

Handley's house

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