Monday, December 8, 2014

Annual Pink Pig and Santa Visit

This afternoon we met up with Tiara, Christy, Jen and all of our kids to ride the Pink Pig and see Santa!  This little Christmas outing was started 7 years ago when Tiara and I took Avery and Handley for the first time.  We loved it so much that we knew it had to become an annual tradition.

The kids were really looking forward to it today and I was, too!  I love seeing my friends I don't see that often and the kids always have so much fun together.

Right after school Handley did her homework quickly and they we got dressed and ready to go meet our friends.  They've grown older and bigger each year, but they still get just as excited to see Pricilla and take a ride on the Pink Pig!

Everyone had their tickets and waited patiently in line for our turn.  

These two girls were beyond excited and ready!  

And then it was finally their turn to hop on for a few rides through the life-sized storybook.  

After our ride we were off to see Santa!!!  We love going to Lenox on a weekday after school because there is really never any wait.  Last night the kids wrote their letters to Santa to have ready with us today.

Handley's list included a pink or turquoise bike and Bazooka gum.  

Harper really wants an American Girl Doll with straight hair (so it won't get tangled) and a camper for her dolls.  

Hudson is hoping for a toy bow and arrow and a Power Wheels Jeep.  

Tiara sent me this sweet picture of the girls that she took.  They were comparing their lists and I just love that they are still such great friends, despite not living close to each other anymore.  They always seem to pick right up where they left off.

When it was our turn to sit on Santa's lap, Hudson ran right up and gave him a big hug.  He's been really working to have good behavior and wanted to tell Santa all about it.  Santa took a long time with each of the kids to read their list and ask if they had been good.  He even asked Hudson if he'd been eating his dinner well which is hilarious becuase that is actually something he has been trying to do to be on the nice list.  In fact, last night he was refusing to eat anything when we went out to eat, but then after reminding him about Santa he tried some of the mac-n-cheese and ended up cleaning the plate!

After everyone had their turn with Santa we had dinner in the food court together and then it was time to go home.  My kids were not ready to go and wanted more time with their friends, but it was a wonderful evening and sweet, sweet memories were made!

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