Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend and 1st Report Card!!!

**I am behind on blogging because I'm having major computer issues. I am in the process of getting it fixed, but in the mean time I was able to figure out a way to finally get some pictures on here!**

We really enjoyed the rest of our Thanksgiving weekend.  I was able to get our house decorated for Christmas, which we just all love.  We got our tree on Friday and so far, we've only had one ornament mishap.  For the most part, Hudson has been leaving it alone though.  The kids all had fun decorating it and checking out all of their hand-made ornaments.  Elfie, our elf, has been doing some pretty funny things, too.

I have a big basket that I put all of the Christmas books in for the kids to read and that basket has kept them entertained for way longer than I would have expected.  All three of them spent most mornings snuggled on the couch together "reading" the books.  Even Hudson loves books and would happily sit with the girls and flip the pages.

We had planned to take the girls to the UGA/GT game on Saturday, but our plans fell through.  I was a little disappointed and Robby knew that so he found a way to cheer us all up.  He drove up after work on Friday with some big reindeer in the back of his truck!  They sell them at a local gift shop we pass everyday on the way to and from school.  I've been wanting these for years and the girls always notice them, too.  Robby had said he could make them himself, but just never got around to it.  They are the perfect addition to our outdoor decorations and made us all smile.  We even had some fun taking picture with them over the weekend. :-)

You can tell Hudson wasn't a thrilled with this idea as we were! Ha!

Lastly, one big milestone for our family was Handley getting her very first REPORT CARD yesterday.  When the teacher passed them out after school I was so excited and couldn't believe she was big/old enough to be getting a report card.  She had a glowing report and the sweetest note from her teacher inside.  We are so proud of her and plan to do a fun treat this weekend to celebrate her hard work!

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Stefanie said...

Go Handley! And I love your deer! I have been trying to talk Trey into getting those for years too - so far it hasn't worked ;) I bet they look great outside. Your tree looks awesome too!