Monday, December 3, 2012

Clean, house showing, kids mess it up, repeat

My computer still isn't fixed so it is a multi-step, very long process for me to get any pictures from my camera and onto the blog.  Needless to say, that is the reason for my lack of blogging this past week.  However, there certainly hasn't been any lack of excitement around here.

The girls have been excited about wearing their Christmas attire and have fun each day picking out some of their sweet seasonal outfits.  They have also been really into all things Christmas this year, which just makes this time of year even more magical.  Their Great-Grandma sends the kids chocolate advent calendars each year and when they arrived last week they couldn't wait for the first day of December to arrive.

Hudson got one, too, but I couldn't get him to pose for the picture this morning.  Instead he was pounding on the pantry door yelling, "NACK!" (snack), despite the fact that he had just finished breakfast 5 minutes before.  He is, by far, the pickiest any of my kids have been at this toddler stage, but give him a snack and he is happy as can be.

Last Thursday evening I got a call that someone wanted to see the house on Friday afternoon so I spent all Friday morning cleaning and picking up before they came.  By Friday evening, it looked like a tornado had ripped through the house.  Friday night I got another call that someone else wanted to see it on Saturday afternoon (during naptime, none the less).  SO, I spent all Saturday morning cleaning and picking up.  See the pattern here?  It's been exhausting to keep up with the house, but I'm counting it as my workout.  When Robby suggested we eat lunch at home before heading out during the showing on Saturday I immediately nixed that idea.  The kitchen was clean and it was going to stay that way.  Instead we enjoyed a family lunch at Chick-fil-a and then did some running around before returning home to greet our friends, and fellow UGA fans to watch the SEC game.  Handley had been so excited about a Georgia Bulldog party and despite the disappointing end to the game, we did have a good time.

I spent a lot of the day on Sunday away from the house.  I had a baby shower to attend that afternoon and then went straight to a girls night out (movie and dinner) with friends.  It was just what I needed...getting a little break away had me missing my kids and ready for the crazy week ahead.  I was excited when I got home and the girls were still up so I could give them a hug a chat for a few before they went to bed.  It's fun to get out, but it sure feels good to come home.

One other quick thing I have to share is that this weekend Robby worked with Handley to practice riding her bike without training wheels and she is doing so well!  Click the link below to see a quick video of her getting the hang of it.

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