Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back in business

My computer is fixed and is like new so I am back in business!  So happy to finally have access to my pictures and to be able to blog again. :-)  

We spent the weekend at the lake and got some stuff done around there.  Then this afternoon when we were back home we took a family walk to our favorite spot on the Silver Comet Trail.  There is a long winding path that leads to a creek and the kids love going there to toss rocks in the water.

This was the first time that we've been that Hudson has been old enough to take part in the fun and he LOVED it.  He is all boy and it's so fun to watch him have fun digging in the dirt.  By the time the rocks we had collected were gone he didn't care.  He had moved on to tossing leaves in, too!  

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