Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012




Handley woke me up around 7:15 asking me to please hurry and get up so we could go see what Santa had left her.  Harper was awake just after that and I had to wake Hudson up so we could all head down the stairs together.

They were so happy with their things and loved it all!  For a minute they just stood back and took it all in.  

Then they went to really begin looking at what they had gotten. It was funny to me that out of everything Harper went to her stocking first and was so excited about the UGA toothbrush that was on top.  After her excitement about that and some candy wore off then she really started inspecting her big gifts. 

Harper had very specific requests with what she had wanted and Santa delivered it all.  It rained all day so she didn't get to ride her bike outside any, but did few laps in the house this evening and loves the baby seat on the back for her brand new Bitty Baby, which she creatively named, "Bitty."  One of her favorite things she got was the monitor for her new baby, which actually makes crying and/or cooing sounds so she can put her baby to bed and still make sure she is OK through the monitor.  

Handley was beyond surprised about getting another American Girl Doll (a more than 50% off special deal from The Today Show that one of Santa's helpers was able to score).   She kept saying, "I didn't ask for this, but I guess Santa just thought it would be a good surprise!"  She also has had fun with her new karaoke machine, scooter for her doll, and DVD of Brave.  

The girls played with their dolls ALL day long and stayed in character as they played "friend" (a favorite game of theirs where they role play being friends who both have kids and they will go to the restaurant together - AKA the kitchen table for lunch - go to Kroger together, and all sorts of other fun outings friends might meet up to do.) Those strollers have logged many miles around our house, already.  And, if today is any indication of how much they will play with them, they will log many more in the coming days and weeks ahead.  

Hudson started off a bit grumpy and I was regretting my decision to wake him up, but he finally warmed up to the idea of his gifts and had fun trying out his mini 4-wheeler and the lawn mower.  He is really attached to the little pillow in his crib that he recently started sleeping with and loves the girls' pillow pets, so Santa brought him one of his own.  Before his nap today he didn't even want to read a book because he was so excited about getting in the crib with his new pillow pet! 

After breakfast we opened up the wrapped gifts under our tree and were excited to find other goodies (Like stretchy jeans, jeggings, for Harper - another special request from her so she could wear her two favorite clothing items together, jeans and boots, earrings for Handley, and some new books for Hudson.)  Robby got a remote control helicopter from the kids and had fun figuring it out today.

I worked just about the rest of the day to get the house back in order.  Our tree was beyond dead and really needed to be taken out and we are hopeful to have some lookers at our house this week.  As I was tucking Handley in tonight she told me that she had such a great day and she was just so happy about Christmas and she wished it was Jesus' birthday again tomorrow so we could do it all over again. I felt the same way and I think this was probably my favorite Christmas to date.  


Stefanie said...

Love the looks of joy on their faces seeing their gifts! Glad you all had a merry Christmas. Can't wait to see you!

Julie, the mama said...

Sounds/looks perfect. And dang at that AG discount.