Thursday, November 8, 2012


So, Hudson has become quite attached to certain things and one of those things are bags.  It doesn't matter what shape or size, he loves carrying them around and putting all of his small toys inside.  He fills them with his matchbox cars, bouncy balls, etc.  It started when he found one of the girls purse's  and had fun pulling out all their goodies.  Robby saw him holding it and asked me to please take it away from him or at least get him a blue one.  For a while he was attached to the pumpkin treat bag and loved Halloween trick-or-treating for that reason...he got to fill his bag.  One day we didn't have his pumpkin bag with us and he spotted one of my reusable grocery bags in the back of my car so he held tight to that all day instead.

A good friend of mine at the pre-school brought him a Cars bag he uses some, but really everyday he picks a "bag of the day" and holds tight to it  He carries it with him everywhere he goes and does not let it get far from his side.  He definitely knows the word "bag" and uses it like crazy when he wants to bring it in to the school or outside with us.  We don't dare try to take it away from him because he screams like crazy and pitches a fit if we pry it away. I've found the better technique is to ask him to put it away (before naps or bedtime, if we go into a store, etc.) because he is much better with those parting terms.

Today his bag of choice was this metal lunch box.  I had forgotten we had it, but he found it this morning hidden in all of the dress up clothes and it came with us everywhere.  He also kept hold of it when he was playing in the yard, checking out the leaves, and riding the tricycle.  That, my friends, takes skill.

Let me just say, I know what he will be getting for Christmas...some boy themed lunch boxes and bags to carry around all his things.

The girls were really cold after playing outside this evening and asked to come in and put in their comfy pj's and slippers.  Seeing them made me want to get comfy, too!

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