Monday, July 16, 2012

What we've been up to...Part 2

After being away from home for almost 2 weeks, I am really happy to be home.  That being said, we have been having a fabulous summer and have most certainly been on the go.  After spending the 4th of July and following weekend at the lake the kids and I made our way to St. Simons.  We went with some of our very closest friends for a moms/kids getaway.  My good friend, Lizzi, invited us down to stay at her in-law's house there.  We spent mornings on the beach, came home for lunches and naps and then usually went back out for some more fun.  After the kids were all in bed us moms stayed up late each night chit-chatting about just about everything.

One day on the beach some people by us found a tiny crab and brought it over to show all the kids.

I think all of the kids would agree that their favorite thing about St. Simons was the "fun zone" at the city pool.  It had squirt guns, water slides, fountains and they all had the best time.

From St. Simons we made our way back to the lake for the weekend to meet Robby and some of our very good friends/neighbors there.  The kids had a blast all weekend and loved having playmates there. We did lots of swimming, tubing, and eating.  I didn't take any pictures (probably because Hudson is occupying my arms these days) but borrowed a few from Tiara.  I wish I had gotten one of Reece and Harper though.  Those two are becoming so close and it's so sweet to watch them together.  They were hand-in-hand the entire weekend, even when they were jumping in the water they did it holding hands.  

It was hard to get these two off the tube!

Crazy girls getting might brave and standing up on the tube. 

I have loved taking advantage of our very unscheduled summer so that we can just pick up and go if the opportunity arises.  I will say I'm glad we've been so busy because it's kept me from dwelling on the fact that my baby boy turns 1 tomorrow!  

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Ashleigh Finger said...

How fun! Looks like you guys are really enjoying your summer!