Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hudson's Birthday Party

This evening we celebrated Hudson's birthday with our closest friends and family.  We were hosting our dinner club this month and my original plan was to just have cupcakes at dinner, sing happy birthday, and call it done.  Then I decided that we'd include the grandparents and just a few other close friends and make it more of a party.  I'm so glad that we had a party for him, but also really happy that I kept it very small and low-key.

We did a fish/ocean theme for him and set up all sorts of water play stuff in the backyard for the kids.  They loved the kiddie pools, sand and water tables.  Robby even set up our slip-n-slide, southern style, complete with dish soap and tarps and that was the favorite among most of the kids.

We had a "goldfish bar" for the kids to snack on while they played and I also went ahead and did Hudson's smash cake while we were outside.  I had a hunch that he would make a big mess with it and he certainly did.  He LOVED the cake and just kept eating, and eating, and eating.  I attempted to take it away from him a few times, but he got upset and wanted more, so I let him have at it again.  When he was done we hosed him off.

After playing outside we enjoyed Hudson's favorites for dinner, Chick-fil-a nuggets, mac-n-cheese, and  fruit.  We also had cookies and these adorable cupcakes for dessert (made by my friend, Christy).

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Ashleigh Finger said...

Happy birthday Hudson! I can't get over how fast this year has flown by! Very cute party:). I love the goldfish bar.