Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 5 - Boogie Board and Hotel Crazies

I must say that the $8 boogie board was probably the best money we spent all week.  Handley started off on that thing as soon as we got down to the beach and I had to force her to get off of it to have a little break for lunch hours later.  As one adult would tire of helping her, the next would go out to help her catch the waves.  To say she loves the ocean would be an understatement.  That girl is my thrill seeker.

The boys also had fun on the beach this day.  It only took as almost all week to discover that if we dug them a little "pool" where they could sit and play they would not only be entertained, but also contained.  Genius!  It was great, especially for Hudson who loved being in the water, but wanted to keep crawling down to the waves, head first, until they were almost crashing over his head.

I also realized on this day that Hudson loved being in the ocean with me.  I took him out past where all the waves were breaking and we spent a least 30 minutes solid out there just bouncing around, letting him kick his legs, and he was squealing with delight.  All that swimming must have worn him out because all it took was me giving him his paci for him to fall into a deep sleep at nap time.  Jen and Justen brought their baby pop-up tent to the beach this day so I was able to put him in there for his nap and he snoozed a solid 2 hours.

For dinner we visited another recommended restaurant and although the traffic took forever, it was worth the wait.  I had been hoping for hushpuppies all week and finally got some.  Yummy!  After dinner we walked out and checked out some of the big boats and fed the fish with leftover "fish food" the girls found on the dock.

Every night after we got back to the hotel after dinner we fully expected the kids to be so tired that they would be ready to head straight to bed.  Not the case.  As soon as we entered the back entrance to the hotel they would all get their second wind and start running around like crazy!  I promise we weren't "those parents."  Really this area was pretty deserted and the perfect place for the kids to get out the last of their energy before bed.  Hudson was not one to miss out on the fun and although he couldn't run and chase after them, he wiggled to get free of my arms so he could crawl like a wild man as fast as his little arms and legs would take him.  All that running got everyone thirsty and thankfully, Handley was the tall one willing to lift everyone up for a drink from the fountain.

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