Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July Weekend

So we just spent a week on a houseboat trip and had the best time!  I'll be sharing more about that soon, but we came home just in time for the 4th of July and were welcomed home by a heatwave.  It was SO hot so we decided to head to the lake to cool off.  We got there late afternoon and spent a few hours on the water.

Then we went to a marina to get ice cream and the storms started to roll in so we parked in a covered spot to wait out the rain.  Next thing we knew a fire and rescue boat was also parked to get in out of the rain.  

Robby took Hudson over to check out their boat and the invited him on board!  They showed him around and even turned on the lights for him!

The girls were happy to wait on the rain to pass and we all ate our picnic dinner.  Then it cleared and we were ready to watch fireworks over the lake!  

The next day was a low-key 4th and we spent most of it at home.  For dinner we went over to some friends' for BBQ and it was so yummy!  Then we all loaded up and parked close to Indian Hills Clubhouse and found a spot on the golf course.  It was super hot, but the kids had a ball running around and playing ball while waiting on the fireworks.  I had no idea how many people came to Indian Hills for the fireworks.  I think all of East Cobb was there! 

They did sparklers and had glow sticks and lots of fun before the fireworks began.  The show was great and everyone had fun!  

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