Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Six Flags Fun!!!

We only have a few weeks left of summer so I'm trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible with the kids!  The girls both earned free tickets to Six Flags for reading a certain amount of minutes during the school year and I wasn't about to let those go to waste.  Since they expire soon after school starts I knew we had to jump at our chance and take advantage of a free day with nothing on our calendar.

I'm so happy with their ages right now and it is really a fun time. However, I loved when my kids were little and I often long for those days back again.  Yesterday was just what I needed though...just when I'm wishing I could turn back time we go and have an amazing day like this where we all can enjoy "big kid" activities.  We made memories, rode rides, laughed, screamed with delight, and had an absolute ball.  Days like yesterday are great for me and serve as a wonderful reminder that even though my kids are growing up, each phase with them will be just as wonderful in it's own way as the one before.

The Log Jamboree was our first ride and the kids loved getting a little splashed from the water.  Little did they know that would be nothing compared to what we would experience later in the day.

Then we found some other fun rides for my little thrill seekers!  

By this time we were getting really hot and we were close to a few of the water rides so we decided to cool off.  Now, I'm usually one to steer clear of the rides that make me soaked, but it was so hot today that it was a welcomed treat to get splashed (or soaked in our case).

We figured since we were already a little damp we should go ahead and give Thunder River a whirl.  The girls looked for what they said were "the wettest seats" so they would know the perfect spot to sit.  Well, it must have worked for them because they went right into the rapids and then straight through the waterfall.  They were totally drenched and loving it.

Hudson got to see the Batmobile!  

Then we rode the Mind Bender.  This used to be my favorite ride as a kid because it went upside down!  Most of the other large roller coasters you had to be taller, but Hudson was good for this one and he was so excited.  I couldn't believe all three of my kiddos were old enough to ride (and love!!!) a roller coaster that goes upside down.  We took a picture right after we got off with one of the "loop-di-loops" in the background to document the occasion!

We decided to ride a few more rides and this is how I feel about riding when Hudson is driving!  Haha!

Finally we were ready for Hurricane Harbor.  It's a water park inside Six Flags that is totally free with your admission to the park.  It's brand new and we loved it!

I had the time of my life. The kids thought it was so awesome that I was climbing up the nets (and steps) and sliding down with them and even though I got blasted with water from the giant buckets up above, we were all laughing and having the best time.  I felt like a kid going down the waterslides and just kept thinking that I couldn't imagine the fun they were having if I, as an adult, was having that much fun.

We grabbed Dippin' Dots on the way out and then made our way home.  

On the way home they just kept talking about how much fun they had and what a great day it was. I felt the exact same way and am so happy that I made yesterday happen. It was great for all of us!

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