Sunday, July 24, 2016

Field Trip Downtown

Last week we took a little field trip downtown so that we could visit the World of Coca-Cola and ride the Sky View ferris wheel.  We went with friends and had the best time!  With only a week left of summer we are trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible.

The kids has the best time and I did, too.  The World of Coke is such a great experience and it is also really interactive for all of the kids so everyone has fun. We were greeted with a Coke just as we walked in.

And we got to meet the famous Coke polar bear and get our picture made with him. 

They had the Olympic torch on display that will be used in the Rio Olympic Games this summer.  It was so cool to see up close. 

We watched a 4D movie with these fun glasses!  

The the kids got to sit on the Coke couch from American Idol!  

We finished up in the tasting room and they loved tasting all of the different flavors from all over the world.  Beverly made Handley make this face though!  Ha!  

Next we ate lunch at the CNN Center and then walked over to Sky View. I've been wanting to take the kids on this since it opened a few years ago and this was the day.  

The views from way up high were so pretty!  

The kids loved it and I did, too!  

As we were walking back to the car we stopped to make wishes and throw pennies in the fountain! 

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