Thursday, July 28, 2016

Meet & Greet 2016

Meet and Greet for this year happened today and we couldn't be more happy with our teachers.  Last night I had to be at the school to help with PTA when the class lists were posted.  Harper ran right out to check for her name on the list and she was SO happy to learn that her BFF would also be in her class again this year!!!  They were so cute and so excited. 

Today we came with little gifts for our teachers and couldn't wait to meet them and see the girls' new classrooms.

We sort of already knew Harper's teacher.  She taught Handley in her after school yoga class last year and is so sweet. I know she will be a great fit for Harper and I'm so excited about this year for her.  In fact, while I was helping out with things today, Harper made her way back down to her classroom to help organize books, which she loved!

Handley's teacher is experienced and is such a kind soul.  I could tell from the moment we stated talking to her that she has such a caring personality and that she really loves these kids.

We are so excited about what this year holds and can't wait to dive into 2nd and 4th grade!!!

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