Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Birthday, Handley!

Last Friday we celebrated Handley's 9th birthday. I can hardly believe she is 9.  I just kept thinking that 9 is half way to 18!  As much as I am in denial, she is growing up right before my eyes and I love the young lady she is becoming.  
On Friday mornings after Thursday night swim meets they have donuts and get their ribbons at swim team.  They also just have free swim so the kids can swim and play with their friends and coaches.  Handley was really excited about getting donuts for her birthday breakfast and then everyone sang happy birthday to her. :-) 

They swam for a long time and then we came home to get dressed and picked up her friend for lunch out before heading to her party.  She wanted a spa party so we invited a few of her closest friends to a spa party.  The place was set up really cute and personalized with pink and green (the colors Handley asked for).  It was nice because all I had to do was show up and bring the dessert.  Everything else was taken care of.  

All of the girls got to get their finger nails and toe nails painted and there was a lot of girly giggling and chatting going on.

After that they enjoyed a snack and toasted to the birthday girl with sparkling pink lemonade.

It was the perfect way to celebrate our girly-girl and I'm pretty sure Handley had a blast!

A few days after that Gigi took Handley out for a special birthday date.  She's started this tradition with the kids and for Handley's day the took a behind the scenes tour of the Fox Theater and then had lunch at The Sun Dial.  Handley couldn't stop talking about all the things they got to see and do and she loved the view of the city from the restaurant.  I'm happy she had such a fun and special day to celebrate!

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