Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Busy Summer Fun

Well, I keep wondering when our lazy days of summer are going to begin. So far, since summer has started we have been on the go with very little downtime.  

Last week the kids all did VBS and had a blast!  They all had friends that were in their group, but they also made new friends, too!  

After VBS one day we went with some of our friends to swim and of course the kids didn't want to leave.  My little fish are always always hard to get out of the water. 

And Hudson has never met a diving board he doesn't love. He was doing all kinds of moves and jumps and he kept asking me to video or "picture" him jumping.

 Also last week was the girls' first swim meet.  We had to miss the week before since it was their dance recital so they were really excited for this meet.  They both swam great and although they love the swimming part, they love the socializing part about swim meets most of all!

We just got back from the beach and boy do I have some stories to share about that. I'll try to find time to share all of the details soon!!!

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