Monday, June 20, 2016

Sunset Beach, NC

Last week we took a little beach trip to Sunset Beach NC.  We had planned to meet my family there for a long weekend so we could all enjoy some fun in the sun.  Robby had been in North Carolina for work earlier that week so I was driving up with the kids on Friday morning after the swim meet on Thursday night.

Everything was going along just as planned and we were about 2 hours into our trip when I "restricted performance" light came on in my car and I felt something change about the way it was driving.  I picked up my phone to call Robby and check on what that means when he happened to call me at that very moment.  Then next thing I knew I had lost what felt like all acceleration power and thankfully was able to get off the exit that was right there and into a parking space at a gas station before the car wouldn't go anymore.  Robby asked me to turn it off and wait a minute then try to start the car again, but with no luck. I couldn't get it to start.  Robby made some calls, did some research and called me back to tell me to sit tight because it was going to be a long day.  Little did I know that would mean sitting in a gas station Subway for over 4 hours.  Seriously!  Apparently it would cost about $1,000 to have the car towed to the Land Rover dealership and we weren't going to pay that so he came in my moms car from the beach (4 hours away) and his dad came from Atlanta in his truck to meet us, too.

It happened to be lunchtime so the kids and I ate lunch and then I grabbed the iPads and we settled in to wait on our knights in shining armor to come rescue us.  The kids were so good, given the circumstances and I was happily reading my book to pass the time.  I was just so thankful to be somewhere with air conditioner, bathrooms, and ice cream bars instead of sitting on the side of the road.

By the time Robby and Papa got to us they were able to get the car started (barely) and onto the trailer.  We loaded my mom's car with everything so I could continue on to the beach and Robby and his dad took my car back to Atlanta to be repaired.

By the time we finally made it to the beach it was 12 hours after we had left Atlanta.  It was such a long day and I was so happy to finally be there.

The next few days were spend enjoying the sun, sand, and waves.  Robby came back the next day so we all had fun being there together.  My mom woke up early every morning to walk so she got some great pictures!

My kids love the beach and pretty much would stay on the beach all day if they could.  We would head out mid morning, come back in for lunch and then go back again until evening.

They love playing in the sand just as much as they love splashing in the waves.  It really is such a great trip because everyone is entertained the whole time and the wide beaches are perfect for hunting for shells, dancing, playing ball, and flipping!

On Saturday evening we had a little celebration for Hudson and Handley's birthdays.  My mom brought special desserts for each of them!

The next day Stefanie blew up this little pool she had brought and we put it on the side of the house where we were staying. It cracked us up because the kids loved it and we kept joking about taking them to the pool as if it were a real pool.

 One night we took a walk up to the Sunset Sno-ball location.  The kids were so excited and we all loved tasting everyone's different flavors.

 On our last night we all went out to dinner and then took a walk in a nice park beside the Inter-coastal.  It was so pretty with big trees and the sun was setting as we were there.

On our way back to the house we made a surprise stop for sno-balls again and it was the perfect way to end our trip!

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