Friday, June 3, 2016

Whole Rhythm World - Dance Recital

This week was one of our favorite recital week!!!  Between dress rehearsals and the recital it was a full week.  Harper's rehearsal was up first!  She loved getting makeup on and getting all dressed up in her costume. 

Handley's rehearsal was the next day and I got to go solo with her which was fun for us.  She did great and I was so proud of the progress she made this year! 

After her rehearsal since we were already close we stopped by the Varsity for a frosted orange! It was Handley's first visit and she loved it! 

The big show was on Thursday night.  The girls looked great and were so excited. They looked great and couldn't wait to take the stage.  

Harper did great!  She smiled and gave it her all.  She was shaking and tapping up there with the best of them! 

Handley did awesome, too!  We were so proud of her and she loved performing on stage.  Gigi and Papa were able to watch and Mimi sent flowers, so it was a fun night for everyone!

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