Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tennis Camp

Hello blog world! I've been gone for way too long.  Keeping up with our Magnolia Mama site has be busy and then we were out of town for 10 days at the lake so I just didn't have any computer time there. However, I want to be sure to keep up with what we've been up to these past a few weeks of summer.

The kids had all been asking to do tennis so I decided to find a camp for them to try out this summer.  A nearby park had a morning camp that all three kids could go to, so I signed them right up.  The girls went from 9-12 and Hudson was from 9-10.  They all seemed to have lots of fun!

Tennis is one of those sports I wish I could have leaned to play, but didn't, so I was hoping they would have a good time.

They stayed cool with water guns, had snow cones during breaks and learned a lot.  I don't know that either of the girls loved it enough to give up some of their other activities this fall, but hopefully it's something we can squeeze in and still keep up with when our busy school schedules start back.

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