Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beach Trip {Day 3}

We pretty much stuck to the same routine each day.  We'd sleep in a bit, get ready, head to the beach for a few hours and then stop by the pool for a little bit before we were ready to take a break from the sun.

I was amazed by how well Hudson was doing swimming all week long.  He has come such a long way this summer.  Here we were hanging by the pool late afternoon (and if you can't tell, he is all into making funny faces for pictures now).

After our day in the sun the girls got showered and cleaned up so we could go souvenir shopping.  We were all matchy-matchy in our Lilly for Target.

My girls spent over an hour going through WINGS trying to decide on what they wanted for themselves and their friends.  It was exhausting, but fun at the same time!

After dinner we went down to the beach to fly kites!  The kids always want to fly their kites at home, but it is so rare for us to have a day that is windy enough.  They all go the kites up (with some assistance) right away.  Hudson lost interests and preferred rolling in the sand and chasing sea gulls to flying the kite, but it was still a super fun evening!

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