Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Hudson

Yesterday we woke up with a 4 year old in our house!  I can hardly believe my baby is 4, but he was SO excited that it was finally his birthday and we spent the whole day making him feel special.

First up was his daily Pop-Tart only this time he had candles in it. :-)

We went on our daily walk with Walker and ran into a ton of neighbors.  Every time we stopped to say "hi" he whispered to me to tell them it was his birthday.  He was so excited.

Then we met up with our friends Tiara, Avery and Dylan for lunch.  We all had fun catching up and visiting.

Next we had to run a bunch of errands that I had been putting off, but he was a good sport about it the  whole time.

We waited for Robby to get home that night, ate a quick dinner, and then went back to Bahama Buck's, the shaved ice place, we were at the night before.  It was Hudson's pick!  He loves that place (and so do I).

When we got home later that evening Robby turned on the sprinklers for the grass and the kids kept inching closer and closer. I didn't even try to stop them and by the end of it they were all completely soaked!  It was so funny to watch and they had the best time.  Hudson declared it the best night ever. :-)

At 4 years old Hudson:

  • Loves Ninja Turtles and pretends that almost anything is a weapon. 
  • Is a very picky eater, but is very slowly starting to try new things. 
  • Enjoys looking at books and having books read to him. 
  • Wants to be outside every chance he gets. 
  • Would watch TV all day long if I let him. 
  • Is becoming more and more independent each day. 
  • Is very opinionated and lets us know it. 
  • Is the most stubborn of all of our kids. 
  • Makes us laugh more than any of our other kids. 

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