Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day(s)

Our district waited until the very last minute to call a two hour delay this morning because of a wintery mix that turned to snow.  I'm so glad I listened to my gut and stayed in bed, despite the fact that the girls would have usually been up and getting ready for school at that time.  It ended up pouring snow for about an hour and the kids were so excited when they got up.  They started making lists of what they were going to do out in the snow.

We were still thinking they would have to go to school, so everyone got bundled up quickly and went out to play for a little bit, but only after I tip-toed around the yard to take a picture of the house!

Outside they immediately started throwing snowballs at each other and loved every second.  It was pure JOY!

Then we found out school was going to be cancelled all day!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  We were all cheering.

This afternoon they were all at each other's throats and I was questioning if I had enough wine to get me through the next few days because school is cancelled again tomorrow for the next snow storm that is about to happen.  And this one is supposed to bring over 4 inches!  That's a ton of snow for here and I will be surprised if we are back in school by Friday.

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Gigi said...

That drive way is perfect for sledding!!,
Have FUN!