Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Snow Day

After our snow on Tuesday we were all hyped up and ready for more snow on Wednesday.  Like so much was expected that they canceled school (again) in preparation for it. The Governor warned everyone to be home and off the roads after lunchtime so there wasn't a repeat of last year and our area was expected to get between 3-6 inches.  

Since I knew I had a little time in the morning to get a few things done I ran a few errands and stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things in case we were indeed stuck at home for a few days.  That must have been the same idea of everyone else in Atlanta because when we got there we shocked to see there were NO carts!!!  We ended snagging one as someone was leaving, but it was a funny sight to see.  

In the afternoon our neighbors all got together so the kids could watch a movie and wait on the snow while the parents visited. The snow started pouring down big huge flakes and we were so excited about the possibility of a big covering.  In fact, we were already making plans for sledding the next morning.  The kids got bundled up and went outside to play in it and came back in totally soaked.  It was wet, sticky snow, but they didn't care.

After we got home the snow turned into sleet and then turned into rain and the rest of the evening that is all we got.  Cold rain, but no more snow. :-(  It was such a disappointment when we had expected so much, but it turns out the rain/snow line had moved a little further north than they had originally expected.  We still got the day off today though because of some icy conditions and because areas north of us in the county were still snowy.  It's been a fun few unexpected days off and I'm happy that we at least got some snow to play in.  I'm hoping that is the end of this cold and winter weather though because now we are ready for spring and sunshine!  

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