Saturday, February 14, 2015

Daddy Daughter Dance

Yesterday the kids all got to exchange valentines at school with their classmates and Hudson's class had a party to celebrate.  No more parties in elementary school, but the girls still had fun and said it was a great day. They all loved coming home and dumping out their boxes to read their cards, eat the candy, and see all of the treats they collected.  

I love these sweet little valentines...all four of them!  

Then it was time for the girls to start primping and getting ready for the first annual Daddy/Daughter dance at their school.  They had been really looking forward to this night and we had fun going shopping together for their new party dresses and shoes.  I scored both of their dresses on clearance and they coordinated, which I loved.  We also got Robby a tie that matched and they were all looking fantastic last night!  

It felt like a little prom! 

They were beside themselves with excitement before leaving and Handley just could not stand it anymore so she talked Robby into leaving early just so they could go.  Gigi and Papa had come over to see them all dressed up so they went with Hudson and I to dinner and then we came home to this yummy treat that Gigi and brought over.

I could not wait for the girls to come home so I could hear all about how the dance was.  They arrived all smiles and Handley talked non-stop about how much fun it was.  There was pizza, a popcorn bar, and lots of dancing!  Both girls saw a ton of their friends there and said they danced the night away with them.  

Handley said it was probably the best night she ever had and couldn't believe she had to wait an entire year to do it again.  She loved seeing everyone's fancy dresses, she loved all of the Taylor Swift music that was played, she loved dancing and hanging out with her friends and she loved the way the school looked.  I laughed when she told me that I wouldn't have even recognized the stinky lunchroom because it was decorated so beautiful and looked like a ballroom!  :-)  Harper had a wonderful time too, but by the time they got home she was super tired and wasn't saying a whole lot.  I'm so happy they had such a wonderful time with such a sweet and handsome daddy as their date.

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