Thursday, February 19, 2015

He's back...

Hudson woke up a few times last night needing things like water, a tissue, etc. and he seemed like he'd perked up (even if it was 3 AM), but this morning when he woke up he still seemed kind of pitiful.  He wanted me to carry him down the stairs and he wanted to sit in my lap for breakfast.  He ate fine though and I think he just needed to get some energy back.  He layed around the first part of the day watching a movie, but then all of the sudden he told me he was feeling better and ready to go somewhere. We got dressed and headed out to the grocery store.

I thought he looked so cute here, ready to brave the very cold, but sunny day.  

This afternoon the girls got off the bus wondering if he was better because they wanted to invite friends over for a playdate. Thank goodness both friends were able to come over at the last minute so they all had a fun afternoon of playing together.

Tonight when I was putting the kids to bed I happened to look over and see Walker doing what we call, "dead dog" in Handley's room. We would love to try to teach him the trick of playing dead, but he likes to just do this all on his own when he is nice and relaxed.  He's so funny!

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