Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our New Golden Puppy!

Since we lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Sydney, almost 3 years ago, we have been waiting for the right time to get another dog.  The kids (mostly Handley) have been asking about getting another dog every single day.  We kept telling them we had to be settled in our new house before that would happen. We knew we wanted another Golden I have been looking for close to a year now.  We searched rescue clubs, breeders, and everything in between, but decided that for our family, a new puppy was the way to go.  The right opportunity came about just a few weeks ago and a quick turn of events made today the day. We called Gigi to see if she would mind coming to stay with the kids while we told them we were running out to do something for Robby's work.

We met with the breeder, checked out her adult dogs and her puppies and ended up leaving with this sweet little guy.

The cutest little fur-ball you ever did see.  I was totally prepared for him to whine in the car and the whole way home, but he just layed in my lap and looked around.  When we got home we told the kids we got them a treat for being so good for Gigi and they guessed that it was frozen yogurt.  Needless to say, they were all SO surprised and SO happy when they saw what the treat really was.  The puppy immediately started playing with them, giving kisses, and chasing them around the yard.  Everyone was fast friends and it seemed that he knew right away that we were his new family.

We came up with several names and let the kids each have a say so, but ultimately we all decided to go with Walker Hurley.  His dad's name was Johnny Cash, so we took his popular song, Walk the Line, into play when choosing the name and thought Walker had a nice ring to it. Hurley, the surf/wakeboard brand, was a close second for his name so we decided that would be his middle name.

Walker had a great evening at his new home, stuck close to us all, and seems to be settling in just fine here. We are so happy to have another dog in our life and can't wait for the awesome memories we will make with him as part of our family!

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Julie, the mama said...

This story and these pictures just make me so happy! This is the dog that will be around for boyfriends and girlfriends and lots of other BIG stuff. Can't wait to hear all of the fun Walker stories that I know will be coming!