Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Game!

Today was the first football game for the 2nd grade Walton Raiders!  It was an away game so a bit of a haul to get there, but the girls were so excited, so that made me excited.  Harper is getting to cheer "up" so that she and Handley are on the same squad.  I've been so excited about seeing both of them in their cheer uniforms and my camera didn't stop snapping pictures today. 

 It was SO very hot today. Like 97 or 98 degrees and we were all just roasting.  The girls were all such great sports though and despite the heat they all cheered hard and looked precious.

Handley LOVES cheering. I think if she had to pick just one extra-curricular activity it would be cheerleading. She smiles the entire time she is on the field and always practices her cheers and dance at home.

Harper on the other hand, is the really athletic one who is rough and tumble, loves to wrestle with Hudson, and runs, runs, runs everywhere she goes.  She had the hardest time deciding between soccer and cheerleading for this fall, but she ultimately wanted to cheer with Handley.  She has had fun and couldn't wait for the game today, but if I had to put money on it, I think she will most likely end up doing some other sport long term. That being said, she did look precious out there and seemed to really have fun, so who knows!

They both told me their favorite part of the game was when the got to go to the middle of the field at halftime to do a few cheers.

The cute little football players had a great game and we won 20-12, so it was a great start to the season!

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