Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mimi and Dadaw Visit!

We just had an incredible weekend with my parents here visiting. They arrived really late on Thursday night and the girls were super excited when Mimi woke up early to go to the bus stop with them on Friday morning.  

My mom and I went to lunch with both girls and what are the odds, but both of their classes ended up eating in their classrooms that day as a special treat.  Both teachers were sweet as can be though and let us come hang out in their classes during lunchtime.  

Friday afternoon we enjoyed the wonderful weather and just let the kids play outside before Uncle Trey and Sophia came over for dinner.  

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for the girls' cheerleading.  This happened to also be their first home game.  It rained off and on all morning, but it wasn't too bad to sit through.  

The girls did a great job cheering and had so much fun having a crowd their to watch them.

Back at home we ate a quick lunch and got ready to cheer on the Dawgs!  After that we pretty much alternated between watching football and playing outside all day long.  It was awesome weather and I just loved every second of having my family here.

The guys even got a wild hair to take the golf cart out and the kids love riding in this little cart thing.  It is totally not safe, but they don't care and no one will listen to me.

Hudson enjoyed pretending to drive Sophia around and the kids are so happy to have the golf cart back here at our house instead of at the lake.

We were sad to see my parents leave this morning, but know it won't be too long before Christmas and when we can see them again!

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