Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend in Review

We had a super busy weekend, but lots of fun happened in three days.  On Friday night Robby and I had a work dinner to attend so Bryn babysat the kids and they had a blast playing with her and having a movie night.  Then Saturday morning the girls and I were off to their away football game.  It was a haul to get there, but our team won again so it was a fun game.  And, the best part about it was that the weather had cooled off and it actually felt a little like fall football weather.  The girls were even complaining a little when we got out of the car that they were chilly. I just reminded them of what last week was like and they quickly changed their tunes!

After each game the cheerleaders gather with the football players at their post-game huddle and do a cheer or two for them up close. It's so cute! 

After their game we had to pick up my consignment stuff that didn't sell and that meant we were near our old stomping ground.  A trip to McEntyre's Bakery for lunch was definitely in order.  

Saturday night we had another dinner to attend so the kids got another fun night with a babysitter. It's usually so rare for us to go out and leave them with a sitter (since Gigi and Papa usually are the ones to keep them) so it was odd for them to have two nights back-to-back.  We got great reports both nights though so I know they had a good time.  

Sunday we spent doing projects around the house while Handley was at a spa party with her friend from Kindergarten and then we all got to attend Leah's birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese.  The kids LOVED playing the games, earning tickets, and choosing their prizes.  Hudson spotted this monster truck immediately and couldn't wait to drive it! 

And, this week has gotten off to a lazy, low-key start.  It's fall break for all three kids so we have enjoyed staying up late, sleeping in, and just relaxing around the house.  A much needed break from our normally busy schedules.  This little guy is taking full advantage of the time at home to dress up in his favorite super hero costume.  He calls himself "Superman Batman" and runs around with his cape flying behind him.  He LOVES all things superhero right now and thinks capes are just he coolest.  One funny little story to share - Last week we got the Party City costume catalog and I saw an adorable Olaf costume on the front. I immediately thought how cute it would be for him to dress up as the beloved snowman and the girls to be the princesses from the movie, Frozen.  I showed the costume to him and tried to get him excited about that idea.  He just kind of looked at me and then pointed to the picture of the Incredible Hulk and said he liked that one better.  He then proceeded to flip through the catalog pointing out every other super hero or scary monster looking costume and tell me he really loved those best and wanted to be one of them.  Ok, little guy, point taken.  He continued to carry that catalog with him showing anyone who would look at it all of the awesome super hero costumes and even slept with it a few nights.  It reminded me of the girls sleeping with the American Girl catalogs when they were younger.  I guess that means he will be some sort of super hero for Halloween!

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