Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We are in our house!!!

Exactly a week ago is when the big move began.  It's been a whirlwind of a week, but it feels so good to be here.  It started with me taking several car loads over with things from Gigi and Papa's house including clothes, toys, and bedding.  It was a slow and tedious project, but I crammed as much as a possibly could in my car and seeing our clothes hanging in closets and some of our things in the house made the reality that we were finally moving in feel just a little more real.  Thursday morning Robby and I made another run over first thing with things we had loaded into our cars and then the movers came to get everything from our storage units over to the house.  It was like Christmas seeing all of our things again and after close to a year of it being out of sight, I'd forgotten all about some of it.

My mom arrived Thursday afternoon to start helping me unpack and I loved showing her around.  The last time she'd seen the house it was just barely drywalled, so it was obviously a big difference.  Gigi and Papa kept the kids on Wednesday and Thursday while we did the moving and it was such a big help!  There is no way we would have gotten as much done with them in the house.  They fed them dinner on Thursday and then brought them over to the house and they were all so excited to see their rooms and their playroom.  It was like Christmas for them, too!  I had brought some of their toys, but so many of them had been in storage so they loved running from one thing to the next and rediscovering all of their things.

Later that night Hudson was getting sleepy and told me he was ready to go home. I had to tell him we were at home now and he was so upset and confused because he said he wanted to go home to Gigi's house. The move has been most hard on him because he just doesn't fully understand everything the way the girls do.

Friday Robby spent the day getting more stuff from his parents and picking up our new couch while my mom and I got to work finishing up the playroom so they kids could stay entertained and then unpacking the kitchen and trying to get some of the boxes out of the house.  We moved on to getting some of the boxes out of the kids rooms and before I knew it, it was time to get the girls ready for their dance recital.  Talk about a crazy week!  I hated to leave the house and stop the progress we were making, but I was also excited to see the girls dance.  They did great and had a blast.

Saturday morning I was able to work for a little while longer and then it was time again to go to another dance recital...this one for Handley's ballet.  Harper and I went alone so my mom could stay home with Hudson and Robby could finish doing a few key things (like getting the TV's set up) before he had to leave for a business trip that evening.

Hudson woke up sick on Sunday and still isn't quite back to 100% today.  I'm thankful that he's been happy to lay around and watch movies because it's allowed me to get a lot done.  My mom was also a HUGE help with the kids the few days she was here and there is no way I could have finished as much as I did without her here.  Yesterday Gigi offered to keep the kids for the day and take them swimming so I could get a few more loads from their house and do a few errands I needed to for the house, which was also a HUGE help.  Who knew finding baskets for the mudroom cubbies would be as tedious as it was.  After almost an hour in Michael's and getting the associate to climb up on the ladder more times than I'm sure she wanted, I did find the perfect ones.

Now, with the exception of the and my craft room, every box is unpacked and put away.  It feels so good to feel like this is home and it feels so good to be home.  I promise to share lots of pictures in the coming months, but I have a list about a mile long of things I would like to accomplish to make it feel "finished."  That and the fact that I need my handyman, AKA Robby, back to help with hanging stuff.

Today we had our first friends over to play and the kids were thrilled.  I think they are starting to go stir crazy and couldn't wait for Jake and Reece to get here.  They sat and looked out the window for 1/2 an hour watching for them.

Christy was so sweet to bring over pizza for lunch so we could all eat, the kids could play, and we could catch up.  The kids played dress-up, the girls put on shows, and they all ran around having a grand ol' time! It was great seeing them, just like old times, and was a nice break from all of our work around here.

Each evening we've gone outside to play and water the grass and yesterday the kids had fun using the water guns our new neighbors gave them to help me water and try to get our grass to grow.

And, seeing little things like this around the house really make me giddy.  Our good friends, the Mills, gave us this for Christmas and I'm just so happy to see it out front of our house.  


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Stefanie said...

So excited for you guys!! Everything looked great when we were there. Can't wait to see when you're all settled!!

Tamas Orban said...

Congratulations on your new house! I can only imagine how tiring the moving process was. However, I’m sure you’re enjoying your new house. Have you posted a house tour already? I hope you’ll give us awesome photos of your new home. Keep us posted. You have a superb family, by the way! :)

Tamas Orban @ Palm Beach County Contractor

Justin Garrett said...

Being in a new home is really exciting, and I bet you were very excited the day you moved in. I hope it wasn’t much of a hassle for you guys, since moving in could be very stressful. How are things doing for you and the kids nowadays? All in good shape, I hope. Good day!

Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes