Monday, June 9, 2014

Handley's Birthday Party

Yesterday we had a little birthday celebration for Handley.  Her real birthday isn't for about a week and a half, but we knew we would be home this weekend and not traveling so we decided to go ahead and have her party.  It was held at the place the girls take tumbling and it was the PERFECT party.  It was simple for me (seeing as how we had just moved last week), fun for the kids, and relaxing for the adults.

The kids all took part in a tumbling "class" where they did gymnastics type activities and games and the parents watched from the lobby's observation window.

The party room had fun chalkboards to put all sorts of messages on, which was super cute.

Then it was time for the party room fun.  We had snack mix, popcorn and juice for snacks and then topped it all off with cookies and cupcakes for dessert.

I can hardly believe that she is almost 7!  I feel like she was just turning 6 because this year has flown by so quickly with all we have had going on and I'm ready for time to slow down a bit.  I love how sweet, responsible, and silly she can be and the special young lady she is turning into!

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