Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Annual Lake Trip with the Mills

Last week we had our annual summer lake trip with our great friends, the Mills.  We've been doing this every summer since our oldest girls were just over one and now the fun has grown and the kids (and adults) just have more and more fun each year.

They arrived late Tuesday night and the kids picked up right where they left off this winter when we were visiting them in Florida.  It is like no time had passed and I love how close they all are.  They were all so excited that it took a very long time to get everyone to sleep that night.  The next morning we were off to the lake.  We got on the water by late afternoon and had a picnic for dinner so we could soak up every second of our boat time.  

The rest of the week went about the same way.  We spent long hours on the boat, kids swam and played, lots of water sports (wakeboarding, surfing, tubing) lots of snacking and lots of sun. 

We went to Lighthouse for dinner on the lake one night and on the way home the kids were begging for the dads to wakeboard in their "fancy" clothes.  Last year the guys got a bright idea to set up two ropes and board in their clothes on the way back home and the kids LOVED it.  They thought their dads were so much fun and they are still talking about it a year later.  So, being the fun dads they are, they agreed and when they were done the told the kids they could all jump in and swim in their fancy clothes, too.  This is something I would normally NEVER let my kids do, but I am so glad Corey and Robby suggested it because the kids just loved it.  They laughed and waved to boats going by and had the time of their lives.  Wonderful memories were made that night!

We were sad to see the Mills leave on Saturday evening, but glad they spent every last second with us that they could.  We are already looking forward to seeing them again soon.

On Sunday Gigi, Papa, Ryan, Heather and Rylan were at the lake so we were able to visit with them.  The kids had a blast playing together and Rylan even taught Handley how to fish and she caught one!  

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