Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vacation Bible School

This week the girls have been attending Vacation Bible School and they had the best time!  It was each afternoon for a few hours and today was their last day.  We saw tons of their friends there and they met a lot of new friends, too.  They also learned a lot, made cute crafts, played games and came home singing praise and worship songs.

Getting there a little early to pick them up was fun because I got to see what a production VBS is from the days when I was attending. It was a theatrical event, lots of music, dancing, lights, and fun!  I'm so happy the girls had such a great time and they are already asking if they can do it again next year.  They were selling $5 CD's with all of the music they learned this week, so Handley and Harper decided they would each pitch in half to buy one of the CD's so they could listen and sing in the car and at home, too.

Hudson wasn't quite old enough to go this year, but next year I know he will want to join in the fun, too! Instead, he got to run lots of errands with me.  I had tons of little things to get accomplished on these days while the girls were at VBS so he was my helper. Only problem is, he HATES running errands.  He whines the entire time, drags his feet, wants to be held, and is constantly asking to go back to the car.  It makes it a very unpleasant experience for both of us.  Today though, I got smart and promised him a milkshake if he was good in all of the places we needed to go and if he didn't whine at all.  And you know what, he earned it!  He was so good and it was definitely bribery at its best.

The rest of our week has been spent having lots of playdates.  I think we've had someone over almost every day this week, which has been lots of fun for the kids and for me.  It's kept us very busy and made our week fly by.

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