Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Best Friends Reunited

Yesterday after I picked up Handley from school Tiara and I made very last minute plans to get together for the afternoon/evening to catch up.  This was the first time we've done this since they moved months ago. It's been SO long since we've been able to just sit and chat and let the kids play.  We met them at Northpoint Mall and after touring the American Girl store we made our way to the kids play area.  While the kids ran and played and laughed NON-STOP for an hour, Tiara and I talked and talked and talked.  It felt so good to catch up with her.  Handley and Avery were in heaven being together again and kept holding hands and singing, "We're best friends, we're best friends!" It was so cute and made me realize how much we miss these dear friends of ours.  Hudson took at Avery right away and followed her around the whole evening.  Harper and Dylan also had fun seeing each other and it felt just like old times having all the kids together again.

We can't wait for summer so we can see them more often!

Picking out Harper's outfits has always been a struggle with her and recently she came up with the idea that we should alternate days. I pick out her clothes one day and she picks it out the next.  It's actually working out quite well and she hasn't complained at ALL on the days I pick out her clothes.  Last night when I went into her room to check on her before I went to bed I saw she had everything set out.  Not only her clothes and leotard for gymnastics that she had today, but she had also put out several bracelets she wanted to wear and packed her bag for the day - a pretty purse she got as a birthday gift from Trey and Stefanie.  It made me smile to see what she had done when she was supposed to be going to sleep.

For the past few weeks the Kindergarten classes have been learning about money.  This week their classes are having a school store.  The kids earn money each day for good behavior and then they get to buy things at the store.  Yesterday Handley brought home a push-pop and she told Harper and Hudson she was going to earn more money and buy them something tomorrow.  She stayed true to her word and that sweet girl spent her money on another push-pop for Harper and some M&M's for Hudson.  They were all SO excited...especially Handely who told how she had grabbed the very last push-pop for Harper before anyone else got it from the 3 cent basket just because she knew how much Harper wanted one.  :-)


Julie, the mama said...

Soooo...you know I have to comment about Avery, because a) she was Hendley's first GA friend and because b)I miss them, too. I so love that y'all got to get together. One of these days, I'm going to be with y'all, although I suspect by then ALL of our kids will be in big school so we can have more than an hour!

The story about Handley getting treats for her sister and brother was the sweetest ever.

Stefanie said...

Glad Harper likes her purse! I'm impressed at how responsible she is picking out her clothes and everything she needs the night before!