Monday, April 15, 2013

Harper's Final Birthday Celebration

We like to really drag out birthday celebrations around here.  Because the kids were on spring break last week, Harper got to celebrate her birthday at school today.  She was excited to wear the crown she had made before the break and to share a treat with her school friends.

Hudson and I got to join her for lunch and then for the mini-celebration.

For her birthday school treats I usually get my friend, Christy, to make some of her famous decorated cookies or my back-up would be to swing by McEntyre's for treats. Well Christy is out of town and the bakery is closed on Mondays.  Knowing we wouldn't get back until late yesterday I had talked to Harper about some other treat options and she liked the idea of rice crispy treats with a "4" on them made out of M&M's.  It was so simple, Harper and Handley did most of the decorating last night and the kids all loved them today.  The rice crispy treats and the frosting were both store bought so it doesn't get any easier.  I totally borrowed this idea from one of my blog friends - Mama and Them - and remember her doing something similar a few years ago.  Hers were much cuter because she did fun colors and patterns with her candy, but Harper loves M&M's and she was in charge of that part of the decorating so I just let her have free reign.  Thanks for the idea, Julie!

Hudson loved getting to sit beside Harper and acted just like he was part of that class.  He even tried to sit and listen to a book with them at the end of their day.  He thought he was big stuff!

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Julie, the mama said...

ha! LOVE the bday treats, and for the record, mine have gotten a lot less cute over the years as I've learned part of the fun for the kids is making the numbers themselves. Except mine have yet been able to make the candy look like numbers! Glad Harper's celebration continued for so many day. That was well deserved!