Sunday, April 7, 2013

Harper's 4th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Harper's 4th birthday with an indoor swimming party.  We'd been to a party at this place before and Harper remembered it because she was adamant when it came time to plan her party that she wanted an inside swimming party.  She LOVES to swim and the location is really fun for the kids.  They have water slides, fountains, a lazy river and tons of water fun.

They really limit the number of people you can invite, but it was fine because I was hoping for a low-key party this year anyway.  Handley and Harper both woke up excited about her party and they wore their bathing suits all day long, even though the party wasn't until late this afternoon.

All of the kids had a blast.  As soon as I gave them the go-ahead the girls hit the pool and went non-stop.  They swam, splashed, and slid their little hearts out with their friends.  Hudson did not want to give the water slide a try, but he loved the water and had fun climbing in and out of the pool over and over and over.

After swimming it was time for a snack and cupcakes.  Harper acted super shy when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her, but had fun blowing out her candles and eating her cake.

After the party we came back to the house and she opened her gifts, the kids played outside and the grandfather's went head-to-head in a corn hole tournament.  I think Harper felt pretty special on her big party day and we look forward to some more birthday fun on her actual birthday later this week.


Ashleigh Finger said...

Happy Birthday Harper! You know its so crazy because I remember reading your blog when she was born!! Very cute party! Cohen came in as I was reading this and she said, "wow I think that would be a good idea for me when I'm 6" :)

Alison said...

Happy Birthday to Harper! And what an awesome party!

Julie, the mama said...

That place looks awesome. I love that she loves the water so much. That has to be comforting to you that 2/3 of your 3 can swim. I suspect baby brother will make it 3/3 by the end of the summer. Your babies are always water babies.