Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Harper

Today is Harper's 4th birthday! She is sweet, sensitive, silly, sassy and simple.  I joke that she is 4 going on 14, but we all lover her to pieces!  Handley and Hudson did a great job of helping me make sure Harper felt special ALL day long!

Leading up to her birthday we had given her a lot of suggestions of things we could go do today.  Handley had a list a mile long, but in the end, Harper decided that she wanted to go to the playground that has the box sledding, have a picnic, and get frozen yogurt at RT.  So, that's exactly what we planned.  This morning she celebrated by sleeping in and then we sang happy birthday as she blew out candles on her waffle.

A Christy/Jake/Reece, Jen/Parker and Stefanie/Sophia were able to meet us at the park and she was so happy to see them all there.  Last night she asked me to text Christy to ask her if Reece would wear her the dress like the one they gave Harper for her birthday so they could be matching.  Both girls looked darling!

The box sliding didn't go quite as well as the last time we tried it.  The grass is so worn because of everyone else sliding down the hill.  They still seemed to have fun though and also loved playing on the playground there, too.

After playing a picnic and playing some more we made our way to get frozen yogurt.  ALL the kids loved that treat.

For dinner tonight I knew she would want her favorite - pizza.  I gave her the choice of going somewhere or ordering it.  And, do you know what she picked instead?  She wanted these individual little mini pizzas from Costco that I already had in the freezer.  I love that she is so simple.  After dinner and singing happy birthday again (as she blew out candles in her pudding) we played outside and the kids tried to sweep all of the pollen off of the driveway.  It was their idea and they were having fun, even though they didn't make a dent!

After I got Hudson to bed the girls stayed up to have a movie night to finish out the birthday celebration.  I think we succeeded in letting the birthday girl have a very special day!

At four years old Harper:

  • is the typical middle child - she demands attention, is a little mischievous, but covers it all up with a sweet as sugar smile. 
  • idolizes her big sister and plays so well with her - most of the time. 
  • loves her baby brother and likes that she has control over him in the pecking order of things. 
  • is very social and loves not only other kids, but also other adults we are close to. 
  • has strong opinions about what she wants to wear.
  • is a daddy's girl.
  • loves carrying purses around and tells me all the time she wants to be like a grown-up. 
  • acts really silly and almost always has a smile on her face. 
  • is super sensitive and cries easily. 
  • really "gets" numbers and can do simple addition problems easily so I bet that Math will be one of her stronger subjects.  
  • has started reading simple phonics reader books and feels so proud of her accomplishment. 

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