Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Fun Friday

On Friday we had a busy, but fun day. The morning started with one of our playgroups. As usual, Handley had fun playing with her friends. It was also a mini-shower and they all gave us some sweet gifts for Harper. Handley enjoyed helping me open the gifts and even told me that the sun hat would be for Harper to wear at the beach!

After playgroup we went to meet Helen (a.k.a. Gigi) for lunch at Chick-fil-a. Handley was spending the night with Gigi and Papa and had been talking about it all week. She was excited to get to spend time with them and waved happily as I told her good-bye.

That afternoon Gigi planned a fun activity for Handley...dying Easter Eggs! We hadn't gotten a chance to do them at home yet, so this was an exciting time for Handley. Helen was very prepared and had the perfect set-up as you can see from the pictures operating room drop-cloth and even something to protect Handley's clothes. Helen said Handley was really careful with the eggs and you can tell from the photos she was really concentrating.

She also gave her a mini lunchbox filled with Peeps!

The reason Handley spent the night with Gigi and Papa was because Robby and I were going to Trey and Stefanie's first wedding shower. It was a luau theme and lots of fun. They got a lot of great gifts and everyone had a good time.
Stefanie showing off the card Handley helped with!


Amy said...

Wow, she did great with dyeing the eggs! She's going to be crafty like her mommy:)

Katie Jones said...

I love the egg dye pictures! That's on our to-do list this Spring Break week, too. How easy was it to get the dye off Handley's fingers? I was wondering about that with Katie Anne. I don't want her to have blue and purple fingers for Easter! :)