Monday, September 28, 2015

Savage Race

A little over a month ago Robby told me he had signed up to do the Savage Race.  It's one of those mud-run, tough-man races and he was so excited about us coming to watch him.  That was the plan until Handley came down with the stomach bug and the weather forecast was calling for rain all day.  But, when Handley finally woke up feeling like herself we made a last minute decision to get dressed and make the hour drive to cheer him on.

We arrived after his wave had started so we picked an obstacle to stand at and kept an eye out for he and his friends.

After standing there for over an hour the kids were getting antsy and I was beginning to rethink my decision to come.  However, after talking to several of the other racers, we learned that his group should be coming along soon so we stayed in our spots and held our ground.  And before long we saw him!!!  The kids were so excited and we couldn't wait to help cheer him on to the finish line.  

After a quick picture he was off to another obstacle, and this one was a full on mud pit.  Literally climbing through the mud.

After he moved on to the next section of the race we were off to finally find some lunch and then watch the last little bit of the race.  We had stayed pretty clean up until this point, but then as we made our way closer to the main race area it was wet and muddy.  There was no getting around it and I have never been so thankful for rainboots in my life.  It was the biggest mess out there and the rain hadn't helped.  Robby finished strong and we were so proud of him!

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