Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Random Catch-up

Over the weekend we went to Florida for a little fun and I plan to share all about that tomorrow, but for today I wanted to do a little random catch up post of things that have been going on around here lately!  

Harper has met a new friend in her class this year and these two have become fast friends. They both get along really well, have similar interests, and can play for hours together.  

One day when they were having a playdate at her house, her mom texted me this picture and told me they were both on outfit number 3.  I could just imagine them as teenagers!  And, the first thing Harper asked me when we got home was if she could have some boots that go up to her knee!  Ha!

Last week was Pet Week in Pre-K.  Hudson's awesome teachers are so sweet and fun and they allowed anyone who wanted to bring their pet in to school to do so!  Hudson was so excited that Walker would get to visit him at school.  :-)  We set up our time for when the kids were outside on the playground.  Walker had no idea he was about to meet 14 adorable 4 year olds, but he was just happy to be going on a car ride!

Hudson was happy to tell everyone about Walker for about 30 seconds and then he was back off to running around and playing.  I could hardly get him to pause for a picture, so this was the best I could get.

The girls and I have been working on some projects and they just love being crafty with me.  Before we left for Florida they wanted to make some beaded hassle necklaces like I was working on for Magnolia Mamas.  

They turned out so cute and they were so proud of them that they both wore them to school the next day. It worked out perfectly because it also happened to be picture day, so they both felt extra fancy with their new accessories.

In other big news, Harper has a missing front tooth!  She had been wiggling it for weeks and right before we arrived back home on Monday evening it finally fell out!  She's so excited about her snuggle tooth smile because now her smiles matches all of her friends at school.

And last but not least, this sweet little guy is just doing so great at school.  He never had showed much interest in writing before, but with the encouragement (and rewards) from his sweet teachers he can write his name!!!!  I'm so exited for him and knew he could learn to do it when he was ready.  He also is loving his extra curricular activities.  He is in a little after-school sports class called Playball and the mascot "Sporty" gets to go home with one student who did an outstanding job that week.  Well today when I picked him up he was thrilled to show "Sporty" to me, the girls, Robby, our neighbors at the bus stop, and just about anyone else we ran into!

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