Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hudson's First Day of School

Yesterday was Hudson's first day of school!  Last week when the girls started, he was confused why he didn't get to head back, too. I was happy to have him home with me for just one more week though.

Last Friday we met his teachers and he got to see his classroom.  His teachers seem really great!  I'm so excited about this year for him and I know he will learn a lot.

We were both excited to learn that his best buddy from his class last year was going to be in his class again.  They get along really well and love playing together. After meeting the teacher the ice cream truck was at the school, so we made a stop there.

Yesterday he woke up excited, but a little nervous.  He had the same teachers for two years in a row, so entering a new class with new teachers must have been a little intimidating for him.

However, when we got there he hung his bag up, put his folder away, and then he and his friend walked right into the room without looking back.  He got right to work and I couldn't believe how big my baby looked in that classroom.

When I pick him up he was so excited to tell me all about how wonderful his day was and how much fun he had.  While I'm sad to think about him growing up, I'm happy that he is so confident and independent.    I was so proud of how well he did today! 

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Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

Aww... so sweet. Glad he did good! I'm really nervous about William. He has been very clingy lately (maybe it's the pregnancy, not sure). But i wish he started preschool soon. Unfortunately he still has a few weeks!