Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Boosterthon 2015

Today was the Boosterthon Fun Run at the girls' school.  It's our biggest fundraiser and is a ton of fun for all of the kids.  They work to get pledges for all of the laps they will run and leading up to the run their classes attend pep rally and learn about character-building experiences.

Parents and families are invited to watch the kids run and the Boosterthon team does a great job to make running the laps fun for the kids.  There is music, themed laps, and a positive vibe that is super fun for the kids.

Each class gets introduced and runs through the tunnel as everyone cheers.  

After all of the classes are introduced the administration arrived in style! 

Hudson loved cheering and can't wait for his turn to run in the fun run. 

The goal is for each child to run 30-35 laps and the girls both exceeded that goal!

 After the Kindergarten/1st grade run the classes joined back together and enjoyed popsicles to help cool off.

Then it was time for the 3rd grade fun run.  These two sweet girls are the best of friends and I just love seeing their sweet friendship develop over time.

Handley also had a blast and ran over 35 laps and loved the fun time with her classmates!

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