Friday, October 17, 2014


Someone I met recently works for an online children's clothing company and asked me if I would be interested in the girls modeling some clothes for them. I knew the girls would love it so I said yes.  Earlier this week she came over to take some pictures of them in a few different things and the items Harper wore got featured tonight on Facebook.  

Both girls had so much fun and talked the rest of the day about how they were "modelers."  So cute!  

While they were in the picture taking mode, I took full advantage to finally get some updated pictures for some frames I bought for our playroom.  It took a lot of bribing candy corn to get them all to cooperate, but I was able to get some decent shots for these frames so I can finally get them hung!  

And lastly, Walker, our sweet little puppy, is doing awesome.  He is growing bigger each week and I can tell he is settling in well to being a part of our family.  We all love him and like getting as many puppy kisses as possible.

Tonight the girls are enjoying having friends over here for a sleepover and Robby and Hudson are enjoying a boys only camping trip.  Be sure to check back for details about both events tomorrow!


Carrie said...

These pictures you took of the kids are so awesome Carrie Beth! I absolutely LOVE the one of Harper with her arms around Hudson and Handley! Walker is precious.

Julie, the mama said...

Adorable! All of your kids make perfect models.