Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baby Boy, Football, and My Carpool Buddy

On Sunday evening we went over to Trey and Stefanie's house for a little gender reveal party.  They are expecting their second child in March and had a fun little way to tell everyone if it would be a boy or girl.  The kids had a blast running around outside and playing.

Uncle Trey played the part of football player and cheerleader!  He's such a good sport.  :-)

After dinner it was time for the big reveal and after cutting into the cake we all saw blue icing!  We were all very excited for them and the kids can't wait to have a new cousin.

The weather has been gorgeous here so today Jen and I decided to meet up at a local park and let our boys (and Mackenzie) play and enjoy a picnic.

Parker and Hudson spent a long time playing football, which is Hudson's favorite game right now.  He loves kicking it, he loves throwing it, and he loves pretending to recover a fumble.  It's the cutest!

This little guy has been going with me everywhere I can take him.  Yesterday he was at cheerleading practice with us and today he had fun at the park.  He brings lots of attention to himself everywhere we go just by being his cute little self and I'm happy to have such a sweet carpool buddy!


Stefanie said...

I can't wait to meet that little pup! I know Sophia is going to go nuts "woofing" at him ;)

Carrie said...

Walker is adorable. Congrats to your brother and sister-in-law!