Monday, October 27, 2014

Last Lake Day of the Year

We brought our boat home from the lake house a few months ago when we knew we wouldn't be back up there.  Robby's been itching to take it out somewhere around here, but our weekends have been so busy that it just didn't look like it was going to happen.

Then on Sunday, the last week of October, the high was 84 degrees and he was not about to take no for an answer.  I had other plans...I wanted us to make our annual trip to a pumpkin patch for family fun and photos.  We are having a Halloween party and we don't even have pumpkins!  We all agreed that we would do the lake on Sunday and then go to a pumpkin patch one afternoon this week after school. We have got to have the photo op, the kids are dying to do a hayride and we have to have pumpkins for our party on Friday!

Gigi and Papa ended up coming with us for the day which was great! The lake was fun and the weather was gorgeous, but the water was COLD!!!  The kids really wanted to swim, but after a quick dip in, they were pretty quick to climb back into the boat.

They were excited to see Walker swim for the first time and to introduce him to the boat.

Robby wanted to wake-board and Hudson wanted to go with him so those two fools braved the cold.

Then Handley decided to go for a quick run, too!

 Overall, it was a great day and Walker did great on his first boat ride.  We can't wait until next summer when he can really enjoy the lake with us all summer long!

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